This blog is my place to muse about evaluation:

  • how theory and practice relate to each other,
  • why programs have unintended consequences,
  • how to evaluate those unintended consequences,
  • how the behavior of complex systems affects our models, methodologies, and measurements, and
  • evaluation as a profession and as a discipline.

The common theme is that we are too frequently surprised by events we did not anticipate; with fires we must put out. My desire is to help develop a community of interest in moving from firefighting to anticipatory, systematic planning.

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  1. Would love to follow this blog via email. Please add me to your distribution list. Thanks!

  2. A vast majority of projects or programs are based on a set of modifications in an already existing complex system. Not surprising to see unexpected/unintended outcomes. And that’s why we need a different way of thinking to better anticipate what may happen and to chose the best options. Great initiative to help public health professionals to think differently

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