Slides for my AES Workshop: Application of Complexity Science to Evaluation are here. Topics I’ll cover are:

  • Stability and instability in complex systems
  • Talking to stakeholders about complex behavior
  • Thinking in terms of the behavior of complex systems
  • Pattern, predictability and how change happens as general themes.
  • Methodologies we need to evaluate with respect to complexity. (Most are already well known to us.
  • Constructs from Complexity Science are useful when developing program theory, designing evaluation, and interpreting data.

Slides for the workshop are here:  AES Complexity Workshop — Morell

2 thoughts on “Workshop: Drawing from Complexity Science to do Evaluation.

  1. I like this. Not cagey, not resorting to jargon to dazzle, and the slides are there to illustrate. All up front. Every workshop should’ve advertised like this!

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