A rolling conversation about the “Agreement x Certainty” space.

ECLIPS (Evaluation Communities of Learning, Inquiry, and Practice about Systems) is a project sponsored by the National Science Foundation to improve the evaluation programs that support Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM). The project is housed at InSites. Beverly Parsons is the PI. I am on the advisory board. Recently I  and some of the project staff (Beverly Parsons, Pat Jessup and Marah Moore) had a rambling conversation about the “certainty x agreement” graph that is becoming so common among those of us who are trying to apply systems concepts in evaluation. I am not a big fan of the graph. Others are. Below is a somewhat cleaned up and edited version of our back and forth on this topic.  We used colors to differentiate our responses.

Here is how to read this. Black is my original post. All the discussion breaks up the post. To read my original you have to go through and read only the black first. Blue are my responses to what other people said. All the other colors are comments Bev and Pat and Marah made. I don’t remember who used which color.

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